humbuh replied to your post: my mum just gave me the talk about how…

i just made a really weird sound resembling a laugh jfc

i get that speech like at least once a week but yeah same i stopped trying to contradict her because it’s just no use lmao

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Ezra Koenig at Radio Day Stage, SXSW. Photos by Dustin Finkelstein.

my mum just gave me the talk about how internet friends are only “fictional” and not real because the real friendships are the ones you can touch apparently and that there’s scientific proof that they are bad for some reason good those studies are usually made my middle-aged men lmao

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ultimate ice bucket challenge aesthetic. 

american sign language lmaoo

Alexa Chung by David Oldham for Stylist Magazine


for some reason fluorescent adolescent is always the one song in the arctic monkeys set where you turn to the person standing next to you and sing your lungs out together and form a bond for life